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31 March 2008

I've Moved!!

I've moved the blog over to WordPress!

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Don't Talk Back to Darth Vader

Heather found this...

27 March 2008

I cannot believe

I've never seen these before...

Uploaded by freres-hueon

17 March 2008

Reason #83 for taking the camera to work:

Sunday I received a voice mail from my manager at work, John.

"Don't make the popcorn until I get in. I'm bringing green food coloring."

Ok. No problem.

So, when he came in today he must have DUMPED the food coloring into the kettle instead of just a few drops. The popcorn definitely came out green, but it looked awful. One could say moldy. So the morning goes on, the regulars come in and get some of the St. Patrick's Day Popcorn and continue on their day.  Around 11am Clint from the SC Aquarium stops by and heads straight to the popcorn machine. 

"Cool! Green popcorn!"

Clint shops around and comes up to the counter after a few minutes to ask a question. He opens his mouth and we (the employees) burst into laughter.  His entire mouth and all visible teeth had turned COMPLETELY green, like he'd been drinking green beer all morning and finished it off with a bucket of kelly green paint.

"What's so funny??"

"Dude, go look in the mirror."


"No really. Go. Look. In. The. Mirror."

"You guys have been waiting for this haven't ya."

"We had no idea THAT would happen!!"

"You guys are so full of shit!  Hey, maybe I can use this to get out of work!! Sweet! 'Uh yeah, I'm not feeling to good... Is my tongue green??'"

Luckily Clint likes to joke around as much as we do. He went back for a second bag.

About 30 minutes later after we stopped laughing, John put a hand written sign on the popcorn machine: "WILL turn teeth & tongue GREEN", but this being retail NO ONE read the sign.

"What's this green stuff on my fingers?"

"The same green stuff that's all over your lips, teeth, and tongue."

It was a good day.  Damn I wish I took the camera.

Ooo ooo Guess what guess what

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

09 March 2008

Oh yeah, Harmony reminded me. Awhile back.

This is what I was talking about:

Fun car. It has a bit more room in the boot than the standard hatch, but for some reason I think the width area in the boot was a bit narrower.

I'll have to go look again. :)

So I don't forget:

Slip of the Knife - Denise Mina
Obedience - Will Lavender
Duma Key - Stephen King

Think Big. No, Bigger... Even Bigger.

While Heather and I were living in England I picked up an Airzooka.

If you're not in the know:

Airzooka is the 'fun gun' that blows a harmless ball of air towards any object, person (or animal!). The airball will travel up to thirty feet and beyond...

Technically it is not a "ball of air" persay, but a ring of air (a vortex), but in the end who cares. It is a good bit of fun.

Yesterday, The Internets told me of a daring group of people who imbiggened the Airzooka. To blow out birthday cake candles. At 120 feet. And beyond.

The nutters over at Erbert & Gerbert's (a sub sandwich chain which I've never heard of) decided they needed to do something extravagant and over the top for their 20th Anniversary "Blowout". What they came up with is absolutely brilliant. The best part is the last shot. I dont' want to spoil it for ya, but it's a good bit of dramatic sound editing. Good Stuff.

Check it out:

14 February 2008

Dirty Dishes

So a friend of ours, in a roundabout way, acquired a really interesting ceramic dish.

Mmmm fresh picked melons... I mean apples...

While the face of the dish is quite interesting on many fronts, the obverse takes the cake.


Apparently the peaches are better.

Now here's where it really gets strange. Check out the inscription on the outer edge.

"To My Father : From Rob"

That's not painted on. It seems to have been etched into the dish, before it was fired. So was this made by some kid in shop class and given as a Father's Day gift? Has anyone seen one of these before?

I've found a French Bronze tray that is similar, but nothing on the one in hand.


Well after a little more searching I found it.

The piece is called "Cherry Picker Surprise" (Link is NSFW) Apparently the dude in the overalls wasn't looking for peaches in an apple orchard after all. He was in the correct orchard & was looking for a ripe cherry.

12 February 2008

One Battery Ah Ah Ahhh... Two Batteries Ah Ah Ahhh...

Overheard in the store today:

Customer: What's the difference between D-2 and D-4?
Me: Uh. Two.
Customer: [Quizzical Look] No, this one says D-2 and this one says D-4. What's the difference?

64646BEF-D0CB-4050-88F3-2D9454185552.jpg AFBB55A9-5F72-4A9D-BAA8-61C9D681E7B9.jpg

Me: [Preschool Teacher Voice] This one has twoooo. And this one has Fo-wer.
Customer: Oh. Do you have an 8 pack?

Come on people!

Ah Ah Ahhh....